About AUPA

Mission Statement

The Automotive Undercar Professional Association (AUPA) is a not-for-profit, member-driven national trade association providing membership benefits, information resources and legislative representation to repair shop operators in Australia specialising in one or more fields of undercar servicing. Associate membership is also provided for industry suppliers and supporters.

Capability Statement

While its name, AUPA, is new the association has been operating since 1986 delivering services to specialist automotive repairers nationally.

Securing the future of its members has been its ‘catch-cry’ since inception by promoting the trade association and its members as professionals in their field and encouraging a high standard in work practices.

The repair shop operator members of AUPA are supported by a strong membership of leading manufactures, parts distributors and equipment suppliers who sponsor events and support AUPA in its endeavours.

The Automotive Undercar Professional Association (AUPA) provides a unique forum for its members to network from and improve their business skills, which in turn, benefits the motoring public.

AUPA monitors and subscribes to vehicle regulations and represents the industry on legislative matters to ensure its members are fully informed on government requirements.